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With over 25 years in Integrative Holistic Nutrition, Alchemy and Organic Cooking I have guided with great success thousands of people towards great health and vitality. The MEGA Way's holistic health programs offer a rare combination of personal and professional advice/suggestions and products for total body, mind and spirit.

I draw from first-hand experience of global remedies in Holistic Nutrition & Alchemy, with a certificate of completion of 5000 hours under the internship of Dr M. Loss, and colleague Dr. L. Lu a Chinese Medicine Practitioner completing an additional certification in alternative health with Dr. Layne D. Nisenbaum with (over 800 successful case studies). I teach organic holistic cooking and have written as well as published 3 books-hardcopy related to Holistic Integrative Nutrition, Organic Cooking, Fitness, Body, Mind and Spirit. Released 6 new E-books available at and officially launched A Revolutionary Organic VEGAN Protein Power Meal Replacement 9 years ago that is activated with Health Direct USA "Optimal Nutrition" liquid vitamins and Liquid Collagen with my partners Adam Schmidt, Charlotte Barron and Lois Benson. Just perfected an effective Cellulite Reducing cream and a super antioxidant powder blend to product and support the immune system.


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